How to Get a Crease Out of Shoes, Easy and Cost-effective

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How to get a crease out of shoes is quite easy. Not only that, but the methods are also varied. By trying it, you can maintain the appearance of your shoes so they remain attractive.

How to Get a Crease Out of Shoes, Easy and Cost-effective

Shoes that have an attractive appearance without wrinkles can make the wearer feel more confident. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate to try how to do it.

How to Get a Crease Out of Shoes Easily

Immediately, here are several ways to get rid of creases on shoes.

Using a Hair Dryer

One way is to use a hair dryer. How to get creases out of shoes with a hair dryer is quite simple.

However, first, you need to know that this method is recommended for leather shoes. Apart from that, use a shoe tree so that the shape of the shoes is maintained properly during the heating process using a hair dryer.

To do this, you can turn on the low heat setting. Hold it about 10 inches from the shoe.

Pass the hair dryer over the shoes a few times and set them down. Repeat this method until the creases disappear.

Leave the shoe tree in the shoe until the shoe cools. Only after that, take it. The crease will disappear from the shoes.

Using an Iron

Another way is to use an iron. How to get the crease out of shoes with iron is by setting the heat temperature to a low level.

Before ironing shoe leather, cover it first with a washcloth. Only after that, rub the wrinkled area evenly.

With this easy method, anyone can remove the crease on their shoes. Your self-confidence while wearing shoes can rise again.

How to Get Creases Out of Shoes at Home

You can remove wrinkles from shoes with a hair dryer or iron. You can also do the method yourself at home.

As a tip for doing this successfully, you can first wet the shoe tree or washcloth. This is so that the shoes are not easily damaged.

On the other hand, this method provides its advantages. Shoe owners can save more on their budget because they don’t have to buy new shoes.

Another advantage is that the appearance of the shoes can remain attractive even after long-term use. It even looks like new shoes.

After reading the description above, you will know how to get a crease out of shoes. It’s easy, right? Therefore, try it now.