High Heels Care Guide to Make It Durable and Long Lasting

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High heels care is important for women to know. High heels are a type of footwear that is often chosen to enhance your appearance. However, how come these shoes are also popular? They are susceptible to damage if they don’t receive proper care.

To maintain the quality and durability of high heels, you must pay careful attention to selection and care. For this reason, here are some guidelines for caring for high heels properly.

High Heels Care Guide to Make It Durable and Long Lasting

High Heels Care Guide

Shoes are a mandatory fashion item. Not only do they look fashionable, but shoes must also be of good quality so they can be used in the long term. One of them is high heels which are very vulnerable. So it is not uncommon to see high heels where the skin is peeling or the heel has fallen off.

There is one thing that causes the lifespan of high heels to be very short, namely improper maintenance. For example, when washed and dried. So, here’s how to care for high heels so they last longer and look like new.

Clean Regularly

To keep your high heels looking beautiful and not easily damaged. So you need to carry out proper maintenance regularly. After using it, clean it immediately.

You use a soft kayak or soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the shoes. Also, make sure to clean the inside. Avoid using excessive water or harsh chemicals which can damage the shoe material.

Store in a Dry Place, Avoid Damp Places

Storing high heels in a dry place and avoiding moisture is also important in high heels care to maintain the durability and beauty of the shoes. You can store high heels in a specially designed shoe box or storage bag. This can protect shoes from dust, dirt, direct light and impacts that can damage them.

Try not to pile too many shoes in one place. If there is too much pile it can cause excessive pressure on the high heels. This could result in scratches. Not only that, it is very important to store it in a dry, cool place and avoid moisture.

This is because moisture can damage shoe materials. Like skin and can cause mold or unpleasant odors. Then the storage area is not exposed to direct sunlight or sources of excessive heat.

Wearing a Heel Support

Using heel support when storing high-heeled shoes is an effective way to maintain the shape and stiffness of the heel. High heels care, choose a heel support that suits the size and shape of your high heels. The reason is, that there are several types of heel support available on the market. Including those using plastic, foam or rubber. In addition, choose heels that best match your high heels.