Steps to Choose Shoes for Large Calves, Show a Beautiful Style

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Choose shoes for large calves is a bit difficult for some people, especially those of you who experience it. Choosing shoes with such conditions, if you get it wrong, will show a style that is not good.

Maybe for some people, using shoes does not have to be the method. But in fact, you have to do this method. Everyone has calves and foot sizes that are not the same.

For that reason, it is very important to choose shoes using the right way. For those of you who have a large calf size, never choose shoes just because. Because it will make you look worse. This article will provide some steps to choose shoes with large calves.

Choose Shoes for Large Calves

The Right Steps to Choose Shoes for Large Calves

There are many steps to choosing shoes for large calves you can do. Large calves do have their problems for those who feel it. Usually, the condition of the calf makes it complicated when choosing and sorting out the outfit. One of them is shoes.

Shoes are part of women’s accessories that must be used to go. Especially for those of you who often go to offices, parties, and other events. Of course, you have to know what kind of shoe model you want to use.

For those of you with large calves, don’t use shoes that are too blunt or short. It will only make the appearance shorter and uglier.

Here are some steps in choosing it:

Avoid Using Flat Shoes

As the first choose shoes for large calves step, flat shoes may be the mainstay of going every day. However, this shoe model does not have the effect of making calves look big. Instead of choosing flat shoes, you can use shoes with additional heels. The use of shoes with heels is a trick that makes your legs look long.

Avoid Strapless Shoes

Any type of shoe that has a strap will make your calves bigger. For example, this type of shoe is strappy espadrilles or high heels with ankle strap accents.

To avoid the impression of larger calves, you can choose shoes without fear of the ankle. If you want shoes with laces, you can still choose an accent model but at the back of the shoe.

Pointed Toe Shoes

Pointed-toe shoes tend to be rounded, making your legs look shorter and heavier. On the other hand, shoes with a pointed toe will create the illusion of more direct and longer legs. One thing to note when choosing shoes with a pointed toe. Make sure the size is appropriate and comfortable to walk in.

Choose shoes for large calves that this article has explained that you must apply. So that your appearance becomes more confident.