How to Care for Shoes During the Rainy Season, Depending On The Type

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How to care for shoes during the rainy season actually requires special attention. Because in that season the shoes we usually use will get dirty more easily. Whether it’s being hit by mud or splashed with water.

Moreover, there are several types of shoes where cleaning is not done carelessly. Requires special products and its own methods. So that later the quality of the shoes is maintained and durable.

As we already know, the rainy season is synonymous with humid air, lots of puddles of water. Meanwhile, shoes that have been rained on or submerged in water must be cleaned immediately because they can affect the appearance and comfort when worn.

Shoe materials also vary greatly, so care for them is the same. There are several ways we have to take care of these shoes.

How to Care for Shoes During the Rainy Season, Depending On The Type

Care for Shoes During the Rainy Season Easily

When we use shoes during the rainy season, when is the best time to clean them? Be aware that shoes that are only wet due to rain or flooding can be immediately cleaned and dried. It’s different if the shoes are splashed with mud or thick soil. It’s better to clean it tomorrow.

This is because soil or mud that is still wet can contaminate parts other than those that are still clean. When the mud or soil is dry. Then it will be easier for us to clean than when the mud was still wet.

Dry Brush and Soap

If the pile of soil and mud in a place is dry. You can clean it using a dry brush. If it is certain that there is no longer any remaining soil and mud. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly with water and soap.

But sometimes cleaning using soap is not recommended. For clearer results you can use baking soda.

But the mud or soil and water splashes are contaminated with bacteria. Although there are several types of shoes that are not recommended for using soap. But soap can help remove the bacteria.

At least using soap can help inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause shoes to smell when dry. It would be better to just use special soap for shoes.

Customize by Type

Returning to the previous explanation which said that on the market there are various types of shoes being sold. This makes it easier for us when we want to buy shoes according to our needs. For example, if you want to buy shoes for sports needs, then there are shoes made of leather and canvas, there are also suede shoes.

Everyone has different ways of caring for and cleaning them. So we as owners have to really understand what it is like to clean this type and what type it is.

If the cleaning process has been adjusted to the type and is ensured that it is clean. So the way to care for shoes during the next rainy season is to dry them properly. How to dry shoes during the rainy season? Previously squeeze the shoes until at least 40% of the water is reduced. Because there is no sun, continue the drying process using a fan. Avoid using a hair dryer because the hot temperature can affect the glue on the sole and cause damage.

The final step in caring for shoes during the rainy season is to use a protector and spray the shoes. By doing several ways to care for your shoes during the rainy season. The hope is that we can then take care of ourselves, because stagnant water already contains bacteria. Sometimes because of our own carelessness. For example, being forced to wear damp or dirty shoes can make your feet itchy.