How to Care for Safety Shoes Correctly, So They Last Longer

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How to care for safety shoes is also an important part that every user must know. Safety shoes do have many uses. So it’s only natural that people like it. Especially for those who work in factories or mining. Usually, they are also required to wear this type of shoe. Not only suitable for security when working.

But many people also use this type of shoe for fashion or just style. However, it turns out that only a few people know how to clean these shoes. So most of them don’t know how to care for and how to clean these shoes. Moreover, the material is made of leather. It is often heard that they have difficulty maintaining and cleaning it.

How to Care for Safety Shoes

Several How to Care for Safety Shoes

Because the material is made of leather. Then there is still a lack of knowledge regarding good and correct care methods. This actually causes the shoes to become damaged and not last long. For those of you who don’t know how to clean safety shoes. The following is a complete explanation.


The first way is not to clean this type of shoe with dabbing soap or other types of soap. Because this will cause the color of the shoes to become dull. Not only that, but your shoes become dry and the pores in the shoes will widen.
This type of shoe is known to be superior because it can withstand incoming water. To ensure its use remains durable and long-lasting, as far as possible, don’t wash it using dab soap for the skin.


It turns out that soaking is also not recommended for caring for safety shoes. The reason is that this can have an impact on the inside of the shoe. This causes the inside to no longer be thick and can even be easily damaged. Just flush it with water to maintain its durability.

Baking Soda

It turns out that baking soda can not only be used to make cakes. But it also has uses for other needs. One of them is that it can help clean various types of shoes. Also includes safety shoes. The method is to mix enough baking soda in 1 tablespoon of water in a bowl or other.

Only after that, stir until the baking soda becomes as thick as a paste. Next is scrubbing using a soft brush or toothbrush. Once finished, darken the safety shoes using water. This means that when cleaning safety shoes, we should not use a clothes brush. Just use a toothbrush to maintain the quality of your skin.

Lemon Water

You need to know that lemon water can also provide freshness to safety shoes. Just add a few drops of lemon juice. After that, give each side a song. On the inside, apply drops of lemon juice and use a soft cloth until clean.
It’s different if you don’t have much time. You just need to clean the safety shoes using just water. Then wipe until clean or use a toothbrush when there are stubborn stains. An important tip on how to care for safety shoes and clean them properly and correctly is not to immediately dry them in the hot sun after washing them. Because this will reduce the quality and make the leather of the shoes wrinkle.