Guide to Proper Caring for Women’s Sports Shoes

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Women’s sports shoes will last longer if you take proper care of them. Even if you only use them a few times, you must still take care of them so that the shoes avoid damage and even foot germs.

Surely you already know that shoes that you rarely take care of will give off an unpleasant odor. Not only will your sense of smell be disturbed, but your self-confidence will be reduced. It will also interfere with the comfort of others who are around you.

Sports shoes themselves are of course only used during sports. Starting from casual walking, and running, to other types of sports. Using shoes during sports can foster a strong spirit in undergoing activities for fitness. It will be more pleasant and comfortable if the shoes look clean and fragrant.

Women's Sports Shoes

Steps to Take Care of Women’s Sports Shoes Properly

There are many steps to take care of sports shoes that users can apply. Shoes are footwear that protect the feet from being exposed to sharp objects. On the other hand, shoes are also a fashion accessory that adds to the user’s confidence.

Now many types of shoes come with their respective qualities. One type of shoe that never lags and has more and more choices of variants is sports shoes. Sports shoes themselves exist for women, men, and unisex.

For women’s special sports shoes, the maintenance must consider and prepare many things. The more the shoes are maintained regularly, the avoid long-term damage.

Here are the steps in the care of women’s sports shoes that you can apply:

Cleaning Periodically

The first step is to clean the shoes gradually. Cleaning shoes regularly makes dirt stains that stick to shoes not attached. That way it will be easy when clean it.

After you exercise, you can clean your shoes using an unused toothbrush. The brush forms you when cleaning stains on shoes.

Don’t Use Too Much Soap

So that the fabric on the shoes does not fade easily, you should not use too much soap. Because too much soap will make the color of the fabric disappear slowly. For that, use shoe-washing soap only naturally.

Do Not Dry Too Long

Furthermore, when drying shoes, do not stay too long in direct sunlight. If the shoes are dry, just put them in the house. Because the heat of the sun can make the color of the shoes become damaged.

Place Shoes on the Shelf

The last step in caring for shoes is to place shoes on the shelf. Always avoid dirt and dust. It’s useless if you have washed your shoes, but placed them in a place contaminated with dust. Dust will make shoes dirty and cause unpleasant odors.

Now you already know not about the steps in women’s sports shoes. Do these steps to keep your shoes looking good even though they are not new and make sure not to skip a step.