The Most Appropriate and Safe Shoe Storage Solutions for You

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You can use the following shoe storage solutions so that the shoe collection is stored neatly, not messy, and certainly becomes more durable. Just like any other item, you should also keep a shoe collection as best as possible. Because the storage method will also determine the age of the shoes.

If you store shoes in the right way then surely shoes become safer, durable, and not easily damaged. So you can use it for quite a long time. Conversely, if you do not store shoes properly then surely your shoes will become damaged quickly and problematic.

For example, shoes become dirty because they are dusty, moldy, and become damaged faster. This is certainly not very good and only gives a big loss. That’s why you should keep your shoe collection as good as possible so that the shoes stay awake, clean, and become more durable.

The Most Appropriate and Safe Shoe Storage Solutions for You

The Most Appropriate Shoe Storage Solutions

Keeping a shoe collection is not a difficult thing. However, some people, including you, may still be confused about using storage for shoes. There are many storage solutions you can do. Well, here are some of these solutions:

Use Open Shelves

To store shoes that you often use in daily activities, use an open shelf. Open shelves will make it easier for you to insert shoes or remove shoes every day. Storing daily shoes on an open shelf can also prevent the appearance of mold and unpleasant odors.

Use Closed Shelves

Shoe storage solutions for storing shoes that you rarely use are closed shelves such as glass cabinets or closed cabinets. The rack can protect shoes from dust, dirt to extreme temperatures. So of course the shoes remain clean and more durable. But before storing it, make sure the shoes are dry and clean.

Use a Shoebox

When buying shoes, make sure not to throw away the box because you can use it as a storage area. Just like a closed shelf, storing shoes in a box can also protect shoes from various dust and dirt. You can also put silica gel in the box to keep the box moist.

Those are some shoe storage solutions that you can apply at home. With this storage, of course, your shoes can be more awake and durable, both shoes that are often used daily and shoes that you use quite often. You also don’t need to worry about shoes easily damaged, smelling, or moldy.