Designer Shoe Collaborations from the Latest Fashion Labels

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Designer shoe collaborations are one of the projects that fashion labels carry out regularly. Initially, it was only done between fast fashion and famous designers. However, nowadays, luxury fashion labels do not hesitate to collaborate even if on paper they are competitors.

Of course, it’s not just brands, celebrities are also still a favorite choice as collaborators. The big name and personal style of the star which is in harmony with the style and character of the related brand design is a strong reason. The following is a series of fashion label collaborations that have gone viral.

Designer Shoe Collaborations from the Latest Fashion Labels

A Series of Designer Shoe Collaborations for Fashion Labels

If you are looking for rare shoes to add to your shoe rack collection or as a gift. So you can see that the unique collaboration between men and men is busy on social media and has lots of fans.

New Balance X Anime

A rapper from the United States, namely Anime, recently released his collaboration album “Kaytramine” with Kaytranada. Uploaded a photo of his new product in the form of a shoe with the name “The Mooz” from his collaboration with New Balance 610. This is because designer shoe collaborations have a choice of colors and elements. almost the same design as a brownish-ripe banana.

On one side of the shoe, there is a small snow globe with a banana ornament floating in its natural position. The brown and yellow shoes also have a mesh-like texture that covers several sides of the shoe, and there are iridescent areas. Or there is a reflective surface whose color can change if you look at it from many angles.

These shoes have a unique design and Amine’s fanbase is quite large. So shoe fans have been waiting and standing by for the release date.

Bathing Ape X Adidas

This iconic Japanese luxury streetwear brand is collaborating with Adidas to expand its catalog by giving a custom touch to the Adidas Forum Low shoes.

In this collaboration, Bape applied its signature camo motif to the Adidas Forum Low shoes in two types of lenses, namely blue and dark navy green. The highlighted feature is the label on the shoe’s tongue tag which has a print of Bape’s monkey mascot logo. Accessories in the form of the number 30 on the strap. Then the number 30 written on it is a special edition touch for Bape’s 30th Anniversary.

The reason is that these shoes were released on May 20. Next, you can buy it through the official website or a large and trusted reseller site.

Nike X Tiffany & Co

It was released on March 7. This is because news of the collaboration between fashion labels Nike and Tiffany & Co on social media has become a busy topic of conversation. These two fashion labels will be brands that can present new alternatives. This variant is the design of the best-selling Nike Air Force 1 Low shoe.

The colored shoes have the color of the iconic Nike Swoosh logo which is similar to the color of the packaging box for accessories from the fashion label Tiffany & Co, namely light blue.

This is because these shoes are on the wishlist of many sneaker collectors. Even though it’s quite difficult for you to own, now there are resellers. Usually, Designer Shoe Collaborations resellers often provide opportunities through raffles to buy shoes.