Sustainable Shoe Brands, Classy Superior Quality

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There are many sustainable shoe brands, and each brand provides its advantages and attractions. Shoes are footwear that protects the feet to keep them clean and comfortable. Not only that, shoes also play a role in displaying a contemporary casual, and stylish style. Now many millennial generation children use shoes for daily activities and use them as a complement to their fashion.

The price of shoes from each brand is also not the same. But some people describe expensive shoes as nothing more than a brand that already has a name. While the price of shoes is affordable, they usually offer comparable quality too.

However, now there are several shoes from well-known brands that are made from environmentally friendly materials. Environmentally friendly in this case means that shoes are made from environmentally friendly materials so they can reduce water waste.

Sustainable Shoe Brands, Classy Superior Quality

Popular and Attractive Sustainable Shoe Brands

Environmentally friendly shoes don’t just come from one brand. However, there are many, where these shoes are made from environmentally friendly basic materials. Environmentally friendly shoes are no less competitive in price than top big-brand shoes.

Each shoe product has its uniqueness, appeal, quality, and even advantages. These factors are the main reference for consumers to consider future purchases. Shoes whose prices are quite low have become a solution and are sought after by many people.

Sometimes even upper-class people want shoes at wallet-friendly prices. However, these environmentally friendly shoes can usually make consumers dig deeper into their pockets. But there’s no need to worry, now there are several brands of shoes at affordable prices, good quality, and not fake. If you want to know anything, here are recommendations for sustainable shoe brands.


The first brand is Allbirds Tree Dasher Sneakers with environmentally friendly materials. The San Francisco-based line offers a range of shoes made from interesting materials, such as knitted wool, castor oil, plastic bottles,  made sure of recycling, as well as eucalyptus.

Therefore, Allbirds understands the ins and outs of measuring its carbon emotions and ensures raw materials reach the end of their useful life as long as possible. To achieve 0 carbon emissions, the company transparently shares the carbon footprint of each shoe. These shoes have a carbon footprint of 10.7 kg C02e.


Lanius is an environmentally friendly shoe brand that uses GOTS-certified cotton. Since 1999 this German shoe brand has combined sophisticated design with sustainable initiatives.

Lanius itself ensures that the processes and raw material stages for its shoe products minimize the carbon footprint. Not only that, Lanius also suppresses the use of dangerous chemicals in its production process. The cotton used in these shoes is GOTS-certified and the production is audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.

So, those are the world’s sustainable shoe brands whose price tags are no joke. Wearing these shoes means you are taking part in saving our earth. Even though it is quite expensive, there is no harm in buying it because you get such good quality.